Item #4138 A sabretache or soldier’s satchel. MAN’S BAG.
Carried maps and documents?

A sabretache or soldier’s satchel. France, ca. 1758.

A large, flat satchel (approx. 390 x 380 mm.) of woven hemp and unbleached linen, the front side crocheted with five fleurs-de-lis, geometrical elements including an X and two diamonds, and the date 1758, with stripes of openwork, the scalloped bottom with fringes; the lower or inner side and an internal pocket in plain unbleached hemp; with the original (or early) leather strap, attached on one side with a metal buckle (old repairs at attachment), the other end of the strap stitched to the bag. In very good condition (back and inner panels with a couple of holes and some staining). Provenance: from the collection of Gilles Labrosse.***

This homemade raw linen satchel for a French officer, lovingly crocheted by a wife, mother or sister, with fleurs-de-lis and the date 1758, would have been worn by a cavalry or horse artillery officer, hanging from the left-hand side of his waist belt. Also called besaces, such flat bags were often made of leather and splendidly decorated. This humble and appealing example no doubt belonged to a lower-ranking officer, who hopefully survived his call of duty. It was presumably not extensively worn, as it has been preserved in excellent condition. While sabretaches could carry any kind of small essentials, they were often used for maps, notebooks, and writing utensils. The survival of this kind of plain and simple object of everyday use is much more precarious than that of more richly decorated counterparts.
Item #4138

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